Responsible AI for Equitable Public Services

Identify former delinquents at risk of committing future crimes early


Public services are fundamental to societal well-being and equitable development. Ensuring access to and enjoyment of these services is vital, particularly given their classification as high-risk systems under the EU AI Act. The challenge involves leveraging AI to improve service delivery, accessibility, and citizen satisfaction while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory, ethical, and data protection standards outlined in the Act.


To address this, a responsible AI framework is deployed to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and equity of public services. The solution focuses on transparent, accountable, and ethical AI applications that align with the principles of the EU AI Act, prioritizing citizen rights, data privacy, and minimizing biases. By doing so, it ensures an improved and inclusive citizen experience, fostering trust and compliance with regulatory standards.

Why Modulos

Modulos offers a Responsible AI that addresses the challenges of complying with diverse frameworks, mitigating risks, and guaranteeing the implementation of responsible AI practices.

With Modulos, public entities can confidently ensures to use AI in a responsible and ethical manner. 

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