Modulos Responsible AI Platform

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI regulation, organizations are grappling with the complexities of adhering to multiple frameworks, managing risks, and ensuring responsible AI practices. Modulos introduces our Responsible AI platform which uniquely combines vertical and horizontal approaches to address these challenges.

Bias Identification and Mitigation

Explore our suite of algorithmic tools designed to tackle complex data science challenges such as bias assessment and mitigation

  • Disadvantaged Groups

    Systematically identify groups negatively impacted

  • Data-Centric AI Tooling

    Identify the marginal sample's contribution to your model metrics

  • Fairness Model Scoring

    Compute all available Fairness metrics to benchmark your AI application

  • Mitigation Strategies

    Navigate the complexities of several bias mitigation techniques

Deployments Options

Offering SaaS deployment for optimal flexibility, along with managed infrastructure, VPC, and on-premises options to meet more stringent requirements

  • SaaS

    The ideal choice for maximizing flexibility and capitalizing on marketplace billing systems. Recommended for both SMEs and large enterprises.

  • VPC, On-Prem

    For large enterprises with complex and demanding requirements offer the robustness, security, and customization needed to meet specific operational needs.


1. Why do I need your solution?
As impending AI regulations loom, the development and operation of AI products and services become increasingly complex. A robust AI governance framework is essential to guide processes—such as Data Science and Responsible AI—in compliance with regulatory standards, thereby mitigating potential risks for organizations.
2. Are you a data governance platform?
No, we are a GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform. Our focus is on bridging the gap between data science and governance, while also managing organizational risks. Additionally, we offer the capability to adhere to multiple frameworks simultaneously by capitalizing on shared controls.
3. Do I need to send you my data?
No, you don't. While our SaaS deployment is ideal for SMEs and Enterprises, we understand data sensitivity concerns, especially for large organizations. We offer on-prem or private cloud options to ensure no data exchange with our platform. Your data science teams can continue to operate in their existing development environments without ingesting datasets or models into our platform.
4. How can you claim EU AI Act adherence if it is not yet in force?
On June 14, 2023, the European Parliament overwhelmingly approved its stance on the Artificial Intelligence Act. This will guide upcoming negotiations with the EU Council and Commission (Trilogue). While we don't anticipate major text changes, the first negotiation on July 18 resolved most contentious issues, leaving only a few topics like real-time biometric tracking by security services.

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