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Develop and operate AI products and services in a new regulated environment

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What to expect from good AI governance?

Early investment in strong AI governance enables organizational and process changes needed to deliver responsible AI-based products and services

  • worldwide

    Worldwide Relevance

    We offer the leading and most promising AI frameworks

  • AI Governance

    AI Governance operationalized

    We translate regulatory frameworks into actionable guidance for data scientists

  • Fair AI

    Fair & Accurate AI

    We help identify and mitigate biases to build fair and accurate AI applications

  • Mitigate Biases

    Auditability & Traceability Biases

    We provide comprehensive audit trails, reinforcing trust and accountability in AI

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The Value of Responsible AI

Responsible AI is a key cornerstone for effective AI governance. We assist you in establishing best practices for responsible AI that seamlessly comply with regulatory requirements

  • Trust

    Developing responsible AI demonstrates a commitment to ethical practices, fostering trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders. It enhances an organization's reputation as a socially conscious and responsible entity.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Adhering to ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements ensures legal compliance, mitigating the risk of penalties or legal consequences. It safeguards the organization's operations and reputation.

  • Risk Mitigation

    By addressing data quality issues and biases, responsible AI reduces the potential for unintended consequences and harmful impacts. This mitigates risks associated with biased outcomes, discriminatory practices, or negative public perception.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Organizations that prioritize responsible AI gain a competitive edge by differentiating themselves as leaders in ethical and trustworthy AI practices. This can attract customers, partners, and top talent who value ethical considerations.


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Modulos is pivotal to UniverseTBD's mission, integrating essential AI governance principles like ethics, transparency, and fairness into our AI exploration. Modulos's support ensures our AI-driven initiatives adhere to high ethical standards and advance our goal of democratising science. Our partnership mirrors my belief in bridging rigorous research with responsible innovation and purposeful excellence.

Dr. Ioana Ciucă

Universe TBD / ANU

You plan to develop an AI-based application for diagnosis or therapy and you are looking for valid guidance in the dynamic EU AI regulation jungle? Kevin Schawinski and the team of Modulos AG is a strong recommendation, we had the pleasure to learn from him at one of our Healthcare Shapers LiveTalks.

Dr. Ursula Kramer

CEO, sanawork Gesundheitskommunikation


“At OCAS, Modulos provided considerable added value to our own digital efforts. In just two months, we analyzed several complex datasets and built well-performing ML models.”

Manager Metallurgic Department


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“We are on the threshold of an entirely new astrophysical discovery space unlocked by machine learning, and Modulos AutoML has been transformative at Harvard in opening doors to this new frontier”

Dr. Grant Tremblay

Astrophysicist, Harvard & Smithsonian

"Modulos enabled our subject matter experts to quickly explore the possibilities of machine learning.”

Martin Heuschkel


"We have been using Modulos AutoML in our research group and it is working extremely well, making it much easier for anyone to carry out ML projects, even without a strong CS background."

Prof. Ezequiel Treister

Astrophysicist, PUC Chile

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