Building Trustworthy AI

Data Copilot™ takes a novel approach by using conversational AI to accelerate your journey to ethical and responsible AI

Key features

Data Copilot™ allows you to quickly experiment with your data using conversational AI. It assists you with effortless visualization and exploratory data analysis to help you build trustworthy applications end to end.

  • Visualize Plots

    Explore your data by turning them into visual insights with ease.

  • Trustworthiness

    Data Copilot™ can help you better understand the sources of error, noise and bias in your data.

  • Conversational AI

    Instead of writing code, you can interact with your data via natural language empowering business users.

  • Fast Experimentation

    Conversational AI speeds up the process of exploring your data so you can get actionable insights fast.

Simply follow these easy steps to get started

Revolutionize your journey towards ethical and responsible AI with Data Copilot’s innovative conversational AI solution. Experience unparalleled acceleration in your AI journey like never before.

  • Step 1

    Upload your dataset onto our platform

  • Step 2

    Interact with our conversational AI to expedite the process of analysing and understanding your data, thus enabling rapid identification of actionable insights

  • Step 3

    Evaluate the performance of your models and receive recommendations to improve their accuracy and fairness

  • Step 4

    With Data Copilot you accelerate your journey to ethical and responsible AI

Do you want to learn more?

Contact us to know more about Data Copilot and its features.