Modulos AG at Mobile World Congress 2024

Modulos AG at Mobile World Congress: Accelerating the Journey to AI Governance with its Responsible AI Platform

Accelerating the Journey to AI Governance with Modulos Responsible AI Platform

ZURICH , SWITZERLAND , February 22, 2024 — Modulos AG proudly announces its participation in Mobile World Congress 2024, from February 26 to 29 in Barcelona. As one of the leading AI companies in Switzerland, Modulos will showcase its Responsible AI Platform at the Swiss Pavilion, located in Hall 5 at Stand 5C30.

Recognizing the growing importance of robust AI governance, Modulos has been closely tracking AI regulation developments for years. Its Responsible AI Platform is designed to meet the challenges organizations encounter in adopting responsible AI governance. This includes adhering to multiple frameworks —regulatory frameworks like the EU AI Act, non-mandatory guidelines like the MAS FEAT principles, or internal policies— managing risks effectively, and ensuring that AI practices are responsible and ethical. By addressing these complex needs, Modulos positions itself as a leader in shaping the future of ethical AI practices, offering a solution for organizations aiming to excel in AI compliance and governance.

Based on this commitment to robust AI governance, Modulos further strengthens its platform through the integration of an AI Guidance. This assistant is designed to guide platform users in achieving compliance with various frameworks by providing bespoke guidance which is tailored to the unique organizational context and encompasses all pertinent information related to a specific AI application.

In practical terms, when a user is tasked with evidencing, for example, the absence of bias within their dataset, the assistant will offer step-by-step implementation guidance. This approach is informed by an in-depth analysis of the data’s actual structure, the organization’s ethical standards, the intended purpose of the AI system, and all relevant data already hosted on the Modulos platform.

This innovation represents a significant milestone in the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) domain. It dramatically enhances the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of implementing responsible AI governance within organizations.

We are helping organizations govern AI products and services responsibly while lightening the load of compliance by streamlining the entire process with the support of AI.

Kevin Schawinski, CEO and Co-founder of Modulos

Discover the future of responsible AI governance with Modulos at the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 5, Stand 5C30, during the Mobile World Congress. Engage with Modulos’ team to explore how its platform enables you to assess compliance, identify gaps, and adopt responsible AI practices seamlessly. With Modulos, every step towards responsible AI is a step towards innovation.

About Modulos

Modulos AG, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland, stands at the forefront of AI technology. The company specializes in helping organizations govern AI products and services responsibly within regulated environments. The Modulos Responsible AI platform empowers businesses to enact responsible AI governance policies, while simultaneously streamlining compliance through industry best practices.