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Modulos Responsible AI Platform integrates risk management, data science, and legal and compliance, fostering responsible innovation and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

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Are You Effectively Managing AI Risks and Regulations?

As AI technology develops, so do the potential risks and ethical concerns it brings. Failure to effectively govern AI can lead to reputational damage and fines as global regulations tighten. Is your organization equipped to handle this and mitigate risks associated with AI deployment?

Streamline Responsible AI Governance

Modulos sets the standard in AI governance with a platform that meets global benchmarks, including CEN/CENELEC, ISO, NIST, and IEEE, and specific regulations like MAS and the EU AI Act.

Our platform is built for easy integration, streamlining compliance, minimizing risk, and improving auditability. Through partnerships with leading consulting and auditing experts and active involvement in regulatory bodies, Modulos ensures you’re always at the forefront in AI regulation.

Your Roadmap for Successful AI Implementation:
Compliance by Design


Implement a robust AI governance framework

Establish comprehensive governance to ensure ethical and responsible AI use


Execute a Gen AI use case

Test the robustness of your governance on a real use case managing controls, risk and harms to fine-tune performance and safety


Achieve relevant certifications faster

Expedite the acquisition of key certifications, such as ISO 42001, to bolster trust and compliance

Building Blocks of Responsible AI

Regulatory Compliance

Start by choosing a compliance framework that fits your needs, whether it's a global standard like the EU AI Act or your own internal guidelines. Our platform lets you apply precise controls that you can reuse for different standards, making it easier to keep up with the latest regulations.

AI Risk Management

Get a 360° vision of where your organization stands with AI risks. Spot potential issues early, apply the necessary safeguards, and keep an eye on them with our ongoing monitoring. 

Responsible AI Development

Your AI systems - developed with integrity and accountability. Modulos' platform enables your organization to assess and continually monitor various aspects of AI development such as bias, transparency, explainability, and security. 

AI Life Cycle Management

Integrate essential governance and compliance checks throughout the life cycle of your AI projects, from the drawing board to real-world application. This continuous oversight helps you adhere to strict standards every step of the way, promoting responsible AI development and building trust with your stakeholders.

Need Help With AI Governance?

Download our Guide to AI Governance to understand what it is, explore responsible AI, and learn about key frameworks and regulations that will allow you to manage your AI systems with confidence.

Why Modulos:

Key Benefits Explained

Align with Global Standards

Modulos ensures your AI systems meet critical standards such as ISO/IEEE, and align with specific regulations like the EU AI Act. Our approach helps manage risks, enhance ethical practices in AI deployment, and keep your organization's reputation safe.

Streamline your AI Operations

Our unified management system centralizes your AI assets, simplifying how you handle operations and boosting overall efficiency. It acts as a central hub for all your AI projects and processes.

Ensure Consistency and Quality

With Modulos, you can expect standardized AI practices that maintain uniformity in deployment and management, increasing operational integrity and achieving high-quality outcomes across all departments.

Navigate Regulations with Ease

Our platform helps you comply with complex regulations quickly and efficiently, using AI-driven tools to save you time and resources while ensuring you're always up to date.

Foster Collaboration

Modulos promotes teamwork across your organization by providing a collaborative environment that aligns AI projects with business, ethical, and regulatory standards, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


"Modulos is a vital platform for anyone looking to bring their sophisticated AI systems into compliance with the new regulatory frameworks being developed across the world. The platform’s ability to bring together diverse stakeholders with thoroughly crafted requirements gives us confidence that it will take any AI system into compliance."

Mason Hiroto
Head of Consulting, Digital Transformation

“You plan to develop an AI-based application for diagnosis or therapy and you are looking for valid guidance in the dynamic EU AI regulation jungle? Kevin Schawinski and the team of Modulos AG is a strong recommendation, we had the pleasure to learn from him at one of our Healthcare Shapers LiveTalks.”

Dr. Ursula Kramer
CEO, sanawork Gesundheitskommunikation

“Modulos is pivotal to UniverseTBD's mission, integrating essential AI governance principles like ethics, transparency, and fairness into our AI exploration. Modulos' support ensures our AI-driven initiatives adhere to high ethical standards and advance our goal of democratising science. Our partnership mirrors my belief in bridging rigorous research with responsible innovation and purposeful excellence.”

Dr. Ioana Ciucă
Universe TBD / ANU

What to Expect From Responsible AI Governance?

Early investment in AI governance sets the stage for your organization to develop and deliver AI-based products and services responsibly. Our approach ensures that your initiatives are built on a foundation of ethical practices and operational excellence.

  • Global Standards, Local Compliance

    We leverage leading AI frameworks to keep your organization compliant and competitive.

  • Practical Compliance Tools

    Our platform translates complex regulations into practical, actionable guidance for data scientists.

  • Fairness in AI Applications

    We provide the tools to detect and correct biases, guaranteeing fairness and accuracy in your AI applications.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    Ensure transparency and reinforce accountability with audit trails that track and document AI activities.

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