Simplify your AI Journey

Modulos AutoML - state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions made quick and easy to build. Allow your team to focus on what really matters.

AI Journey Overview

Modulos accelerates the whole AI Journey - simply drag and drop a dataset and the whole data science process is managed by the platform.

The process of creating an AI model - graphic

Why Modulos?

Automated machine learning can speed up your entire data science process.

Data protection & Flexibility

In need of cloud or on-premises deployment? Install Modulos AutoML anywhere it suits you, because we know how important flexible deployment and data security is.

Quick & easy solutions

Our search algorithm helps you identify the optimal ML model for your needs, which you can then train and deploy with ease.

AI Expertise

With ties to state-of-the-art research and skilled AI experts among our ranks, we give your business the edge it needs.

Maximized Productivity

Leave months of experimenting with different models in the past. Modulos accelerates your search for top-performing models and gives your productivity a boost.

What our customers think

Lode Duprez

Manager Metallurgy Department at OCAS NV

“At OCAS, the Modulos AutoML platform provided considerable added value to our own digital efforts. In just two months, we analyzed several complex datasets and built well-performing ML models to our standards. Our collaboration with Modulos is therefore a great success.”

Alex Barenco

VP Services & Head of Genetics at Swissherdbook

“We were particularly pleased with the ease of use of Modulos AutoML and their support. In the future, we hope that we can use the models we generate with AutoML in agriculture to make our contribution to improving the profitability of dairy farms.”
Professor Ezequiel Treister on how Automated Machine Learning is enabling cutting edge astronomy research

Prof. Ezequiel Treister

Astrophysicist at PUC Chile

“We have been using Modulos AutoML in our research group and it is working extremely well, making it much easier for anyone to carry out ML projects, even without a strong CS background.”
Aritra Ghosh from Yale University

Aritra Ghosh

Graduate Researcher at Yale University

“I was working on a deep learning project in astrophysics when I first tried out Modulos AutoML, and it would have saved me several months of work that I spent on model selection!”

Target Users

What can Modulos do for you?

Data Scientists

Accelerate AI/ML model building by automating the process using a library of the latest models from research.

Software Engineers

Train and deploy models in your system with ease as every solution is interchangeable using the same API.


Give your data science team the edge with faster development time and direct access to current research.

Business Analysts

Get access to state-of-the-art AI/ML models for your essential business analytics tasks.

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