Building Trustworthy AI

AI model performance is limited by poor quality datasets. Modulos Data-Centric AI platform unlocks the hidden potential and simplifies your AI journey.

Data-Centric AI Platform for Trustworthy AI

Data-Centric AI means shifting the focus from AI models to data.
  • Data Quality Problems block AI/ML Projects

    The Modulos Data-Centric AI platform helps you identify those data samples which most affect your model performance. We use a sophisticated set of tools and heuristics to pinpoint exactly which samples most affect your model performance, be it accuracy, F1 score or a fairness measure.

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  • Cooperation between Business Experts and Data Science

    We designed the Modulos platform to facilitate the collaboration between data scientists and ML engineers on the one hand, and business subject matter experts on the other. We believe cooperation between data scientists and business leaders is crucial when making sense of their data.

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  • Deliver Trustworthy AI

    Trustworthy AI means that every machine learning model has been trained on high quality data. Every model affecting the lives of citizens need to not just be accurate, but they also need to be fair and robust.

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  • Spend Less Time Labeling and Cleaning Data

    Curating and cleaning data cover up to 80% of the time in data science projects. The Modulos platform will help you identify exactly what data really needs to be cleaned or labeled for maximum impact on the model, reducing your time spend on labeling and cleaning by up to 90%!

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  • Conform to Upcoming AI Regulations

    The EU is setting a global standard for AI applications with its forthcoming EU AI Act. What GDPR did for privacy, the EU AI Act will do for AI and ML. Our platform is designed to help you meet these upcoming requirements in mind.

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  • Enterprise Grade Data Security

    We have you covered. Our platform is deployed on-premises, in private or public cloud without having to move your data.

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  • Lack of Expertise

    We provide an off-the-shelf solution to create deployable AI solutions backed with easy to understand system recommendations on how to make your data AI-ready

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  • Lack of AI Understanding

    As part of our offering, training and workshops are provided. Dedicated consultants are available to support your AI journey.

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  • Jungle of providers, all speak a complex language, not sure what to buy

    We speak your language and like to keep things simple in a complex landscape. An easy-to-use solution made for non Machine Learning experts. We are here to guide you throughout the whole process.

    Our AI platform is the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform you will experience.

    Don’t look any further for AI data providers, we are here for you!

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  • Data collection and readiness issues

    We focus on good data rather than big data. Our platform assists in cleaning your data making it AI-ready

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  • Can I afford an AI platform?

    Our licensing mechanism is structured in a way that dramatically costs you less than hiring ML experts. We provide tailor-made and affordable price plans for all types of businesses

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Data quality blocker for machine learning projects
Data-centric AI enables cooperation between data science and business
Trustworthy AI means fair, accurate and robust ML models
Data scientists spend too much time cleaning data by hand
AI is being regulated by governments
Virtual private cloud and on prem deployment

The Value of Data-Centric AI

Our Data-Centric AI approach empowers users to build Trustworthy AI models that are easy to understand, audit and deploy at scal.
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  • Deployment-ready Models

    All ML models are ready to deploy at scale with REST APIs. Full source code and weights/parameters access.
  • Top Technology

    Modulos is based on the latest research and technology from the world's leading AI experts.
  • Iterate Rapidly

    Go from analysis to impact quickly with our system-based guidance on data flaws.
  • Regulation Awareness

    AI is going to be a regulated space. Start developing applications in a regulation-aware way right from the start.

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