The Data-Centric AI

Modulos accelerates your AI delivery for data science and machine learning teams at leading enterprises. Data-Centric AI identifies the sources of noise and bias in your data which limit the accuracy and fairness of your models.

How does Modulos work?

The Modulos Data-Centric AI platform takes you from raw data set to deployment ready ML model in seven steps

Deployment-ready Models

Modulos trained models offer a flexible and scalable technology that can be easily adapted to your needs and current architecture.
  • Universal Format
    Delivered with flexible REST API for deployment
  • Easy to Integrate
    Installation scripts for the requirements are provided and are rapidly deployed.
  • Modular
    Trained solutions can be easily replaced with updated solutions.
  • Unconditional Use
    The solutions are open and fully
    belong to you.

What our customers think

Deployment & Requirements

Modulos runs where you need it: where your data is. Our platform is flexible regarding how and where it is deployed to make sure it works well with any data infrastructure.

Deployment Options

We know that data security and deployment flexibility is essential. That’s why you can install Modulos anywhere you need: whether in the public cloud, virtual private cloud, or in your data center.


In order to run an instance of Modulos, you need:

  • OS: Recent Linux OS (recmd. Ubuntu 20.04)
  • CPU: 4 cores or more (recmd. at least i5 or equiv.)
  • Memory: 16 GB or more
  • Storage: 500 Gb or more (recmd. SSD)
  • Docker CE v19.03 (API v1.40) or v20.10 (API v1.41)
  • Python v3.8, v3.9 or v3.10
  • Internet connection

Additionally, for a GPU instance (if applicable):

  • NVIDIA CUDA 11.2
  • NVIDIA GPUs with a compatible driver with CUDA 11.2
Go with Modulos to give your data science team an edge