Quality Control of Products

Reduce your costs for quality inspection


Machine Learning enables quality engineers to predict the quality of a product based on process data as well as images, making the decision more reliable. By reducing the need of additional quality inspection, the production becomes more cost-efficient.


Modulos AutoML makes it easy for non-Machine Learning experts such as quality engineers to find the best Machine Learning algorithm for their use case, by automating the process of feature extraction, hyperparameter tuning and model selection. Quality engineers are enabled to combine their own domain expertise in their industry with Modulos’ expertise about Machine Learning through our automated platform, enabling your company to unleash the full potential of AI.

Why Modulos

Easy to use automated machine learning allows marketers to perform modeling of next best action models without the need for a data science degree. By automating all aspects of machine learning model training the marketer can trust the model to be unbiased and high performing. Further, the marketer gets insights into what drives customer actions by investigating built-in graphics displaying what actions are important for the given model.

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