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Software Engineers

” Modulos Auto-ML is the best thing since sliced bread!” 
 –Grace Hopper

what  you want

Make AI part of your toolbox

Want to incorporate sophisticated AI modules in your architecture? With Modulos, you can do that without having to worry about the details, such as model selection and tuning aspect. Rapidly train and deploy containerized AI solutions with a common API and keep your focus on delivering your overall product.

what  we offer

Fast and easy to use

Modulos gives you access to state-of-the-art machine learning technology. With a few clicks, you can search the space of AI models, from the latest results from research, to core models from well-known libraries.

Smooth integration

All AI solutions delivered by a Modulos workflow are containerized and have the same API. If your workflow hits on a better performing solution, you simply replace the container. Whether you need single evaluations or batch predictions, you do not need to change any code.

Continuous Improvement

Once started, a Modulos workflow will systematically search for an ever-better solution. If new AI models from research become available, they are included during the next update and Modulos will check if those provide a better solution for your application.

No restrictions

Modulos AI solutions are free from any restrictions, which means you can deploy them in any way required by your business application. All aspects of the solution are completely open, and you can modify it as you wish.