your role

Data Scientist

” Modulos Auto-ML is the best thing since sliced bread!” 
 –Isaac Newton

what  you want

Focus on what matters

Modulos makes your search for the top performing models and configurations faster, easier and more reliable. Use your experience and mastery of the data to define the search space to select and train machine learning models, then deploy to production with ease. Find a better performing model? Simply replace it with the new best-scoring model.

what  we offer

Always up to date

The number of papers in the AI research community is growing exponentially, so staying up-to-date is challenging. Modulos continuously adapts the latest models and makes them available, so you can easily check if a new model will give you better performance.

Easy Experimentation

As a data scientist, you often want to run experiments: maybe you want to try just a specific model, or limit the search space by fixing parameters to get quickly at what you want. Modulos lets you do that easily, accelerating your research and prototyping process.

Seamless Deployment

All Modulos trained AI solutions have the same format with a common API. If your Modulos workflow finds a better model, you can simply replace the solution container in production without changing any code.

Full Access

Want to tinker with a specific AI solution? All solutions delivered by Modulos are completely open — you can take a look at the code, the chosen parameters and trained weights. And the solution is in no way tied to Modulos: deploy it anywhere, modified in any way, without constraints.