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Business Analyst

what  you want

Leverage your data with AI

You want to make the most of your data to give your business the edge. To help you translate your expertise into the best analysis and forecasts, Modulos gives you the tools to get the most profound insights from your data by leveraging the largest library of state-of-the-art machine learnig models.

what  we offer

Start right away

Simply upload your data set and get Modulos working on it. Whether you want to predict inventory or sales, or identify patterns in your business processes, you can get to actionable insights right away.

Get the best predictions

With Modulos, you can rely on the top models from your AI workflow to be a the cutting edge. Our search algorithm not only identifies the best machine learning models for your problem, it also tunes it to have the best predictive performance.

Deliver clear insights

When you present your results, you want to be clear on how your machine learning model works. Modulos auto-ml produces a clear explanation of its process, and all the metrics and details of every AI solution are completely open.

Always be up to date

The Modulos data science team continuously evaluates and adapts the latest AI models from research and imports them to the Modulos model library, making sure you always have an edge over competitors using outdated technology.