Modulos AG enter into partnership with Swiss data orchestration company actesy AG

Zürich/St. Gallen – Today, we are proud to announce a partnership between Modulos AG and actesy AG, which aims at empowering companies around the globe with the tools to lower any barrier to a successful AI data-driven transformation.

In a global and hyperconnected world, where information is generated and shared almost in real-time, competitive advantage lies in the capability of companies to capitalize on data they have access to, to better understand and serve their customers, or to make their processes more efficient. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that allows us to learn from data, and transform them into valuable insights.

When looking at the overall data life cycle and value chain, it creates value to combine the innovative power of two Swiss-based companies, which have put data at the core of their focus: Modulos AG with its unique Data-Centric AI approach, and actesy AG, a complete data integration and orchestration framework, which allows seamless access to data, from all systems and sources.


Kevin Schawinski, Modulos AG’ CEO and co-founder sees the partnership as a unique opportunity:

“By partnering with actesy AG, we really want companies to lower any barrier to a successful implementation of their AI projects: it all starts with data – from the ingestion to a smarter way to clean them to ensure accurate, fair and robust applications”    


Andreas Imthurn, CEO of actesy AG, comments on the great complementarity of the two companies:

“The partnership with Modulos highlights the universal applicability of the actesy AG integration solution and enables Modulos AG to integrate all relevant data regardless of the underlying technology or data source.


By joining forces, Modulos AG and actesy AG open a whole new path for the future of AI: a truly enterprise-ready technology that serves the transformational needs of companies around the globe.


At a Glance:

Modulos AG was founded as an ETH spin-off by Prof. Ce Zhang and Kevin Schawinski who are determined to make artificial intelligence widely accessible. Modulos AG operates in the AI software industry. The platform is designed to create and deploy trustworthy AI applications that are safe, transparent, fair, and accessible to non-ML experts. Modulos takes a revolutionary approach by centering the AI journey on data, rather than models, the so-called Data-Centric AI (DCAI).

actesy AG was founded as a HSG spin-off by Peter Imthurn, Sandro Secci and Andreas Imthurn who are determined to democratize data access to any system and enabling data orchestration across all of them. actesy is a complete integration and data orchestration framework that connects and orchestrates data and systems independent of the data source and underlying technology.

About Modulos

Modulos AG, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland, stands at the forefront of AI technology. The company specializes in helping organizations govern AI products and services responsibly within regulated environments. The Modulos Responsible AI platform empowers businesses to enact responsible AI governance policies, while simultaneously streamlining compliance through industry best practices.