Automated machine learning
with Modulos

Search for the best AI solution to your data science challenge

How does Modulos work?

Upload your data

What data do you want to base your AI solution on? Upload your training data and the system automatically analyses your dataset.


Select your label

What quantity do you want the AI solution to predict? Specify your label and what information to ignore.

Specify the workflow details

How do you want to find and measure the success of your solution? Select feature extractors, models, the optimizer and the objective or use the default settings.


Launch a workflow

Once you have specified your problem, the Modulos AutoML platform will find the best AI solution for you. The system provides insights which allow you to monitor the process.

Download the best AI Solution

You are now ready to use your AI solution! Download the best model and feature extractor pipeline with a simple click and make predictions on a new dataset.


Why Modulos?

Automated machine learning can speed up your entire data science process.


Modulos auto-ml can deal with a wider range of data types than anyone else does


Simply click go to start training models, or use your expertise to refine your search


The modulos Team is constantly adapting the latest AI models from research


No longer spend months experimenting with different models and frameworks – get results right away