Modulos Data-Centric AI can reduce your time spend on data cleaning, accelerate your AI projects and make your AI products and services more trustworthy.

The value of Data-Centric AI

Unlocking efficiencies, boosting revenues, faster time-to-market, and improved ROI on digital transformation initiatives.

  • Business-driven AI

    Empower business leaders to drive transformation efforts, reliably and responsibly.

  • Shorten time-to-market

    Stay current! Harvest the power of AI by developing AI applications in just a few days.

  • Top-line growth and better returns

    Monetize data and ensure that AI applications perform in line with your financial goals.

  • Regulation awareness

    Embrace trustworthy and responsible AI that supports regulatory compliance.

Pricing Model

Whether you are a startup, SME or enterprise, we have a suitable plan for you to start and scale. All our plans include unlimited users and workflows.

Free TrialBasicProEnterprise
CPU/GPU Hosted 8 CPU
+ CPU extra charge¹
+ GPU extra charge¹
16 CPU
+ CPU 50% off Basic¹
+ GPU 30% off Basic¹
Duration 14 days Annual Annual Custom
Users Up to 5 Unlimited² Unlimited² Unlimited²
C-level workshop No No 1 per year⁴ Custom
AI Advisory No No 10 days per year³ Custom
Setup N/A Remote Remote Remote
Onboarding No Yes Yes Yes
Support No Remote with
extended SLA
Remote with
extended SLA
Remote with
extended SLA
Joint development No No No Yes
Dedicated consultants No No No Yes

1 Billed Annually. 2 Maximum limit set by the hosting machine capability. 3 Must be taken minimum 1 day at a time. 4 Half-day workshop with 1 expert

New to AI?

We will help you through your first use case end-to-end.


All our training courses are delivered by world-leading AI experts from Switzerland.

  • AI Foundations (1 day)


    • Understand what AI/ML is and isn’t
    • Key machine learning concepts
    • Different terminologies in the field (and of the system)
    • Importance of data
    • AI use case definition
  • Data-Centric AI approach and techniques (1 day)


    • Importance of Data quality and data generating process
    • Accuracy, fairness and robustness requirements
    • Implication of choosing an objective function for a use case
    • Impact of outliers, wrong labels, missing features and insufficient data
    • How to clean data with Modulos
  • AI for Business Managers (half day)


    • What AI/ML is, and what not
    • Is able to define AI use cases
    • Challenge presented use cases
    • Recognize where in the maturity journey own organization is
    • Different success factors for AI in an organization
    • Measure the impact of AI in own organization

Not sure we can solve your problem?

Contact us for a custom proposal to solve your use case.