Modulos platform now available on Azure Marketplace

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have the potential to transform various industries, from healthcare to finance. However, modern AI and ML models often inherit biases and noise from their training data, which can limit their performance in the real world. To address this issue, data-centric AI is emerging as a new philosophy for model development. Rather than focusing on increasing the complexity of the model, data-centric AI focuses on improving the quality of the training data to result in better models.

Modulos is a data-centric AI platform that aims to identify and mitigate discriminatory biases in AI and ML models. The platform uses a revolutionary approach to link each training sample to model performance, providing users with guidance on how to effectively clean their training data. By improving the quality of the training data, Modulos helps users build better models that are more accurate and fair.

Availability on Azure Marketplace

Good news for Azure users – Modulos is now available on the Azure Marketplace. This means that users can easily access and use the Modulos DCAI Platform to improve the quality of their training data and build better models. With Modulos on the Azure Marketplace, users can take advantage of the platform’s powerful features and integrations with Azure services. Modulos is a valuable addition to the Azure Marketplace for anyone looking to build better, fairer AI and ML models.