Introducing the Modulos Sales Team

At Modulos we spent quite some time developing our AutoML solution. Now it is time to accelerate its adoption to market and to reach potential users and customers. 

That’s why this month Christoph Golombek and Florian Marty joined us as Sales Manager. Both Christoph and Florian have a technical background coupled with multiple years of experience in B2B sales of technical solutions. Christoph studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen. Before joining Modulos he worked at Keyence Corporation as a Team Leader Vision and Measurement working with many customers in the automation domain. 

Florian holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich. He worked in several startups and SMEs in various fields (e.g., biotech, cyber security) before joining Modulos. 

Christoph and Florian are both driven by customer success and are striving to achieve growth by creating long lasting win-win relationships.  Reach out to either of them if you can not wait to discuss your ML projects and how Modulos AutoML can accelerate them.