How to drive your business forward – the growth triple play

Christoph Golombek

Written by:
Christoph Golombek (Sales Manager at Modulos)

In a recent article, McKinsey analyzed how companies can achieve growth, and what sets the most successful companies apart. Comparing the work of more than 860 executives across the globe, McKinsey was able to uncover three main growth drivers in marketing – creativity, analytics and purpose. Excelling in all three elements of the so-called “growth triple play”, companies were able to achieve at least two times the growth compared to companies that don’t invest in these areas.

CREATIVITY is, as it has always been, a key part in marketing. Nowadays it is critical to infuse creativity with analytics. According to McKinsey analytics can guide the creative mind on where to focus. Focusing on return per ad and a personalized approach towards the audience, analytics help marketing teams become more efficient and make quicker decisions.

ANALYTICS are at the core of marketing decisions in triple-growth companies. According to McKinsey, it is however essential to deploy analytics with purpose. A holistic and flexible strategy to share insights across the whole organization is critical, driving decision making and innovation across all teams.

Source: McKinsey: The triple play: Creativity, analytics, and purpose

From Customer Segmentation and recommender systems to lead prioritization – Machine Learning can help you improve your marketing approach based on analytics. Making it easy for everyone in your organization to use machine learning in their domain, your marketing team can combine their knowledge on what they want to achieve with the power of an AutoML platform that will match their needs with the perfect fitting machine learning algorithm, making it easy and efficient to use Machine Learning in their analytical approach. At the same time, AutoML enables your company to use the same approach for all other teams, giving you a holistic and company-wide analytics approach.

PURPOSE is the final element of the growth triple play. Having a clear and understandable purpose behind the actions of a company ensures a holistic goal across the organization. Combining it with creativity and analytics helps give a unique value proposition to customers that matches the company mission. 

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