AutoML v.0.4.2: Introducing Time Series as an Alpha Feature

Modulus AutoML version 0.4.2 is out. With this version, we are adding Time Series forecasting as an alpha feature. This new Machine Learning workflow type allows you to tackle a range of new use cases, e.g. supply and demand forecasting and capacity planning. In addition to this major new feature, we display more workflow status details and are shipping several other refinements and fixes.

AutoML v.0.3.5: Assessor Speed-up and a Sneak Peek

Modulos AutoML release notes

Our latest version of Modulos AutoML is out: v.0.3.5. With this version, we are adding major speed improvements to the assessor, which determines if a neural network has finished training. We are also preparing a new and improved workflow creation, which we are excited to share with our customers soon. We are including a sneak peek here.

Release Notes AutoML v.0.3.4: Autopausing and More Reports

Modulos AutoML - release notes

The latest version of Modulos AutoML is out: v.0.3.4. With this version, we’re shipping some major new features to help you rapidly build better machine learning models to deploy to production while increasing the robustness of the platform.

Apply the AutoML process to tackle your AI Use Case Idea

AutoML for use case ideas - an example customer for a bike-sharing company idea - illustration

Every activity in the day-to-day operations of a company produces a wealth of data. Analyzing these data and achieving data-driven insights is even more challenging. In this blog post, I focus on how a company can meet this need with ML by using our AutoML process and AutoML.