How AutoML enables astrophysics research in Chile

The Institute for Astrophysics at PUC in Chile is using Modulos AutoML to support their research. Kevin Schawinski spoke with Professor Ezequiel Treister about how automated machine learning is enabling cutting edge astronomy research and training students in using machine learning.

Release Notes AutoML v.0.3.4: Autopausing and More Reports

The latest version of Modulos AutoML is out: v.0.3.4. With this version, we’re shipping some major new features to help you rapidly build better machine learning models to deploy to production while increasing the robustness of the platform.

Modulos in the Handelszeitung

Modulos was featured in the Swiss Handelszeitung newspaper. The article includes a video and a longer podcast interview with our co-founder and CEO Kevin Schawinski.

Modulos @ Open Farming Hackdays 2020

When we think of industries with a wide adoption of machine learning (ML), we first think of sectors such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and automotive industries. Farming and agriculture are usually not among the industries which come to mind.

Introducing the Modulos Sales Team

At Modulos we spent quite some time developing our AutoML solution. Now it is time to accelerate its adoption to market and to reach potential users and customers.  That’s why this month Christoph Golombek and Florian Marty joined us as Sales Manager. Both Christoph and Florian have a technical background coupled with multiple years of […]

Apply the AutoML process to tackle your AI Use Case Idea

Every activity in the day-to-day operations of a company produces a wealth of data. Analyzing these data and achieving data-driven insights is even more challenging. In this blog post, I focus on how a company can meet this need with ML by using our AutoML process and AutoML.