Using AutoML for fast and efficient Image Classification

Using Modulos AutoML for image classification - confusion matrix and definitions

Modulos AutoML allows building state-of-the-art machine learning solutions in a fully automated manner. To further illustrate this, we’ll share a use case where we performed an image classification experiment. Modulos AutoML handles image data, tabular data, as well as a combination of both.

Accelerating Astrophysics Discovery at Yale with AutoML

AutoML for astrophysics discoveries at Yale - NGC 6240 captured by the Hubble Telescope

Yale astronomy researcher Aritra Ghosh spent more than three months manually building a deep learning classifier for galaxy images. When experimenting with Modulos AutoML, he was able to automatically build a similar performance deep learning classifier with two weeks of computational time.

AutoML v.0.3.5: Assessor Speed-up and a Sneak Peek

Modulos AutoML release notes

Our latest version of Modulos AutoML is out: v.0.3.5. With this version, we are adding major speed improvements to the assessor, which determines if a neural network has finished training. We are also preparing a new and improved workflow creation, which we are excited to share with our customers soon. We are including a sneak peek here.

Predicting COVID-19 Immunity using AutoML

COVID-19 test - predicting immunity using AutoML

In this blog post, Modulos Sales Manager Florian Marty describes his experience using AutoML to solve a current scientific challenge using his biology domain knowledge.

Modulos on the Datenbusiness Podcast

Modulos CEO Kevin Schawinski on the Datenbusiness Podcast

Modulos CEO Kevin Schawinski was 2021’s first guest on the “Datenbusiness-Podcast”. This German-language podcast hosted by Dr. Bernard Sonnenschein covers topics all around getting value from data, data science and business applications of data. Previous guests include executives from SAP, Lufthansa and Allianz, as well as leading German academics.

Between Engineering and Art: Building the UI for AutoML

Modulos AutoML platform - workflows

It’s our ambition for Automated Machine Learning that building machine learning models should be an easy task where most of the technical heavy lifting is done by the platform. We therefore need to design a user interface which facilitates this. We spoke to Evangelia “Litsa” Mitsopoulou who joined Modulos in October 2019 to work on all aspects of the user interface.

How AutoML enables astrophysics research in Chile

AutoML enables astrophysics research in Chile

The Institute for Astrophysics at PUC in Chile is using Modulos AutoML to support their research. Kevin Schawinski spoke with Professor Ezequiel Treister about how automated machine learning is enabling cutting edge astronomy research and training students in using machine learning.